My Summer Indicator

Yes, it’s Summer … just passed Summer Solstice … but how do I know it’s just as warm as the Tropics? With Mother Nature’s help.

Admittedly I live with my little vegetable-turf and try to grow all kinds edibles which I can harvest during different seasons. I love Asian Spinach (Bayam/苋菜) which is a perennial but grows better in Fall, nevertheless I simply leave some to bolt and produce new plants whenever they feel conditions are right.

Asian Spinach (Bayam/苋菜)

BUT … amongst this greenery which provides some shade, some sprouts have emerged to indicate that it’s Summer!

See the Sprout?

That is the Cekur or Sand Ginger (Kaempferia galanga) which is a beautiful groundcover… but I grow them more for use in the kitchen.

The warmth loving ginger.

Young leaves capturing water.

Soon, some Sand Ginger leaves will garnish & add flavor to sautéed Asian Spinach and later, both leaves and roots will be used when preparing Kerabu or Malay style salad which is rice based.


A Great Wall

I just thought I’d share a couple of photos of this great picturesque wall of a house I saw, along one of the coastal roads, in Cape Cod ~ of Cedar Shingles and Lobster Floats.

Simply Eye-catching!

Pretty Lobster Floats


Meeting venue (without agenda) of Chairpersons

You come in hungry,
you take your seat; you eat.
You finish, stand, sigh happily…
then it catches you eye and
you stop to scrutinize and read.

Sorry, no red-carpet either, but by golly, I’d happily hold a chow-down meeting there again if I’m in the area.

The carpet is definitely not red.

Cape Cod ~ Chatham to Provincetown (Pt 2)

Nauset Lighthouse icon of Cape Cod potato chips.

The Lighthouses of Cape Cod are so famous that they even have their own iconic brand of Potato Chips!
So how can I not visit Lighthouses while there?
They were a must to see.
(BTW, those chips are delicious!  especially with some cold beer ~ this is not an advertisement & I get no commission 😀 )

The Chatham Lighthouse had a tour for school children when we were there so they also had a US Coast Guard vessel on display.

Children touring the US Coast Guard vessel.

The Lighthouse also functions by day, showing its slow constant timed flash.

The Chatham Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Tower.

The Highland Lighthouse, Cape Cod’s 1st lighthouse, was built in 1857. It was actually moved 453ft further inland away from a cliff.
Today, the moved Lightouse still functions, operated by the US Coast Guards, and if interested, you can read more of its history here.

The view from the parking lot.

Its profile taken from the cliff.

For afar I took a shot of the Woodend Light but unfortunately we did not have enough time to seek it out to explore further.

Woodend Light


Cape Cod ~ Chatham to Provincetown (Pt 1)

It’s still Spring (June 21 is the 1st day of Summer) and the northern hemisphere is supposed to be slowly warming up but it suddenly got warmer than usual in the short time when we were up in Cape Cod, yes, we were caught in a heatwave, a tropical heatwave… (like the Ella Fitzgerald song goes).

Nevertheless, we explored Provincetown and Chatham.
I found the buildings and little streets simply beautiful and filled with history and took some photos to share.

The Frying Pan Gallery

Door color matching road lines ~ strikingly charming.

Meeting House & Preschool (sideview)

The Front of the Meeting House & Preschool

Little street shops ~ see Ice Cream & Fudge? 😛


The Public Library – set up in 1895.

Old cart-wheel and driftwood furniture ~ probably an artist lives here.

Street serenity – no large buses, no bumper to bumper, no smog.

House with a garden (& path), right along the main road.

Another main road house with arty décor and a beautiful garden.

Restored old Fire Comfort Station, 189 Commercial St., Provincetown.

A side street with beautiful cedar-shingle buildings.

I kept wondering, while walking the streets and absorbing the beauty … when Summer and Fall ends, what does Winter bring?

A Mennonite

This is the 1st time that I have set eyes on a Mennonite.
I walked about 4 feet behind 2 ladies going to the washroom. I studied their head-wear or kapp and realised it’s a very finely handstitched bonnet-of-sort. It is a beautiful art piece (in my humble opinion).
We even said “hello” and exchanged smiles.

The Kapp

I have chosen not to use photos which show facial features but I actually like their dress style very much. Simple and comfortable.

Simple pleats

Airy long sleeves




When in Cape Cod …

When in Cape Cod, one simply must have Cod(fish) and Chips! Right?
I did and oh boy!

(Cod) Fish & Chips!

This is the best Fish & Chips I’ve ever tasted ~ yes, I have tasted quite a few of them. This not an advertisement but I do salute Sir Cricket.

Not a fancy restaurant but has superb food.

Then there’s the Lobster Roll, the New England summertime sandwich. It is after all the the start of the lobster season.

The Lobster Roll is simply wicked!

Next comes the sinful New England Clam Chowder. Oh yes, I did have them at different restaurants ~ why not? My motto: Forget the calories while on vacation. 😀

Loads of Clams in this chowder.

What better way to enjoy life?


Extreme Makeover

No, not mine. 😀
Each time I “follow” a Ladybug/Ladybird who has comfortably made herself at home, close to the backyard patio, I watch in fascination a real live extreme makeover.

Out of an egg comes an odd looking being …

I don’t mind it looking kind of ugly as it eats aphids non-stop, but it soon changes shape. From a longish, spiky, caterpillar looking being to an ovalish humpback-like beetle.

Then it morphs and changes form again. When ready, it simply cracks open and emerges from its exoskeleton! Mother Nature makes over beings of her choice. Oh, what beauty!