Galangal (Alpinia Galanga)

Galangal is known as Lengkuas in the Malay Lanugage and 南姜 in Chinese.

Everyone uses Galangal in Asia ~ Malays, Indians, Thais, Vietnamese… literally, everyone (in the kitchen). It is sold in every food market you go to, including air-conditioned supermarkets that sell wine, cheese & pâté at their deli corner. Coming to the US, I found it quite difficult to get fresh Galangal and buying 1 too many rhizomes is not practical, expensive and wasteful as it does not stay fresh for very long. Using the powdered version lacks its juice, fibre and “zing”. The wisest thing to do then, was to plant some. After trying out a few spots, I have found that they need semi-shade to do well.


When harvesting some, I just need to gently feel for the rhizome end then break off a portion and allow the plant to grow as undisturbed as possible.  The pieces below will allow me to make 2 portions of curry for 4 & a jam-size bottle of pickles (Acar), combining with other herbs & spices of couse.



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