Jicama – Bangkuang – 地瓜

Commonly found in wet-markets. I used to buy it all the time but never knew what the plant looked like, didn’t know that the entire plant, except for the tuberous root, was poisonous either. It’s actually a beautiful plant and a superb groundcover, takes about 10 months from seed to harvest in my climate zone so it’s ideal to grow in the side beds and block weeds.Image

Very pleasant and green.

And the flowers are just beautiful.Image

But have to remember that both are poisonous and to keep neighbours’ pets away from.

At least I can claim to recognize the common Bangkuang when I dig it out 😀

ImageI have to remember to cut off all flowering stems to allow the roots to get nice and bulbous except for just 1 plant in order to get some pods & seeds for the next planting.


Out with the cutting board and long sharp knife (after rinsing the roots i.e.) and cut as needed for whatever dish in mind.


Nice, juicy and sweet ~ ideal for Rojak!

Or actually also good with just haykor or shrimp sauce.

But tonight I will make Popiah which I always tell American friends are unfried Spring Rolls.

OK, so my Popiah is not as professionally round & tight wrapped as the hawkers’ version but it sure tastes good in the mouth. ImageAmerican homemade Popiah 😀


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