Pineapple – Myth or Fact?

The Pineapple, a slow-growing fruit which, if you get it right can be a delight… but if you cut it up a little too early and decide to eat it anyway, the acidic juice can make your mouth itch for hours. Image

I decided to give it a shot. Grow some pineapples to see if they’ll grow in the backyard. I followed instructions on the internet and cut off the top a.k.a. as sucker and placed it in water for a day then put it in soil. It worked.

But no one told me they were susceptible to frost burn. 😦






Fortunately, they survived and new growth appeared while the “old leaves” kind of stagnated.



So now with 9 Pineapples as subtle indicators of our property’s border, I guess I just have to be patient.


What's your Opinion?

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