Collard Greens

I had never heard of the vegetable called Collard Greens until I came to the US. The 1st time I had a chance to taste it was when a co-worker told me they had Soul Food at the hospital’s canteen that day. It was prepared with smoked pork and it came with fried chicken. 1 mouthful of Collard Greens and I was in love with that vegetable… it was so good!  Yes, Love at 1st Bite!  🙂

Since then I have never looked back, planted Collard Greens every year and they just grow beautifully in my backyard. I have used them in curries, stews, soups… you name it!  One of my favorite is my own concoction ~ Collard Greens Fried Rice. Today is my Meatless Monday so vegetarian Collard Greens Fried Rice it was, for lunch.

From the Garden ….

… to the Kitchen …


… to the Table.


Absolutely yummy….  🙂


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