Collard Greens Rice

Collard Greens is never wasted in this house. I use it to prepare dishes that are simply a fusion of East & West. At times when there is extra (when the plants grow leaves like crazy & they need to be cut off) I harvest, cut them up to about 1/2″ strips, simmer for about 20mins. Let it cool then puree it with some of the liquid used for simmering. Freeze them in ice cube trays & later put the cubes in re-usable containers & leave in the freezer.

For 2-person portions, I use 3 cubes of thawed puree, 1 rice-cooker-cup rice, 1 tsp sesame oil, 2 tsp light soy sauce …..

Imageand some fried garlic ImageStir them all up & start the rice-cooker!! You will end up with super

Collard Greens Rice.


Oh… and the rice can be used in sushi as well. It has the right “sticky” consistency & I made some meat-free sushi for my vegetarian friend, using Seaweed Salad which you can get from most Asian stores with refrigeration.



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