Don’t Need AnyMow Grass

After 4path years of wood chip mulch path, we are ready to move on and replace it with gravel or shells.

Lawn style grass is a nuisance which needs mowing, watering, etc. I find it so passe… not my taste at all in a small home yard.

So, slowly but surely I am converting my yard to “forest flooring” the way Mother Nature does it in her Mega-Yards.


First layer will be dried Palm leaves & fronds from our palm trees. Lots of them and they’re free. Just nicely lay them down over the grass avoiding the young trees already in place. I’m also using fronds  as discreet borders for beds.

2nd layer will consist of Oak leaves and little cut up stems. With time these will get flattened and sit nicely like in a forest. It will help to control water content in the soil and  blend in as plain compost.

Hopefully by Fall this year, my east side yard with Edibles, will look like what Nature intended yards to be.


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