My Italian Omelette Prata


With veggies just out the backdoor, 1 gets creative when hungry. So I made Italian Omelette Prata.

Prata originates from the Indian word Paratha (which is an amalgamation of parat atta) meaning layered cooked dough. Since I can’t get Roti-Prata in FL, I might as well improvise.

My version is a fusion dish … an omelette base with fillings of curried Lacinato Kale & mini Everglade tomatoes on 1 side and Mozzarella cheese on the other. When the egg base is nicely browned, I flipped the cheese side over (since its lighter) to make it a combo. Does that make it an Italian Prata?


Whatever it may be, it sure tasted good.


What's your Opinion?

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