Elephant Ears (Taro)

ImageThese plants are so expensive at nurseries that I decided to grow them My Way. To me they are simply leaves of a tuber we call Yam in Asia (or Taro or Edoo or Keladi), which is different from what Americans call Yam. (American Yam is Sweet Potato)


ImageI bought some Taros at an Indian Spice shop ~ 6pcs for USD1.50 ~ and planted them in little pots, lined with brown paper. Kept them well watered and leaves sprouted when the weather got warm.

ImageSince it’s now raining almost every afternoon and the soil is well watered, I decided to remove a couple from their pots and plant in ground. Roots have grown nice and thick, just right for in-ground planting.

I loosened the pot bound roots and placed them in holes already dug and they are ready to grow into ornamental Elephant Ears.



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