Jackpot!! I mean Jackfruit …

I feel like I’ve hit Jackpot when I found Jackfruit today.

We rarely… very rarely see Jackfruit being sold. I’ve only seen it twice before, once in an Asian shop 42 miles up the road (sold in its whole form ~ almost 30 lbs!) and another time in Orlando, in mini-Vietnam along Colonial Drive. Of course I had to buy a packet of 12 pieces and devoured them like the 7th-month Hungry Ghost.

Today my husband mentioned that a friend had told him a little street-side fruit store had brought in a “gigantic thing” called a Jackfruit so I wasted no time in checking if it was so. True enough there was the Jackfruit on a large mantel shelf on display, almost like an idol on an altar. No customer in the store knew what it was ~ so I was the 1st customer who bought 2 lbs.

ImageChilled it for 3 hrs in the fridge and gosh… it tasted heavenly.


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