The Hiccups of Social Integration

Much as I have tried, I simply cannot “blend in” with a certain segment of the American socialites. I do not know if it’s the norm or whether there are some people who just love looping people in to their “let’s do it at your place” ring.

5 years ago while living in a condo (which had this so-called Residents Association) I avoided a self-appointed social organizer who wanted to arrange everybody’s social calendar, then 3 days ago I attended a casual dinner and suddenly a casual acquaintance wanted to set up this “your place; my place” thing again. Why is there a need for tying others into their yearn for perpetual chatting like there’s no tomorrow. Talk, talk, talk … everyone seems to be talking with no one listening.  I’d rather be with Ms Average than those self-acclaimed “richies”.

OK, admittedly I’m a bit of an introvert but these “social managers” are downright invasive and haughty. Who or what gives them the right to tell others when, where & with whom to have dinner with? Who brings what?

This is one aspect of American socialite lifestyle which I simple find very difficult to understand and/or to accept. 😦


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