An Empty Nest

There it laid, on my mini front lawn, a nest from the old oak tree.  The summer storms might have blown it down. There are no shell remnants, no feathers, no hint of dried membranes, nothing to indicate chicks had fallen with it.

It did get me wondering whether its last occupants were Cardinals or Scrub-jays or migratory birds? How many eggs were laid? How long did mama bird have to incubate them? Did the male bird hang around bringing her food? Was there a family setting in this nest?

Nest on the Ground

Nest on the Ground

Like us human beings, I guess the young ones got fed, kept warm, cared for, until such time when they felt matured enough to leave home ~ or were they pushed out to fend for themselves? When they left, were parent birds relieved that they had done their share of maintaining their breed’s population?

The Birds have Left Home

The Birds have Left Home

Or did they feel like human parents, melancholic while living in their empty nest? It looked sadly unused so the parent birds must have left quite some time ago, furthering their food search, perhaps starting a new nest and family.

No nest egg in this one.


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