Life … in a Nutshell

Last month, as I cleared my supply corner for space to store some “hurricane supply” I found 6 peanuts-in-shell just laying there, probably slipped out of a box of bird food, which included some peanuts. They’re probably more that a year old.

I thought “OK, just compost them rather that feed the birds spoiled stuff”, so I simply buried them. There is a common phrase at funerals  ~ ‘from earth to earth, ashes to ashes …’  But after burial this one has come back to Life! I guess you can call it a Born Again Peanut. I wonder if his/her 5 other siblings will do the same and come back to Life.

I guess Life exists where & when you least expect.
A picture speaks a thousand words … so what you see is Life in a Nutshell!


The born-again (?) Peanut

The born-again (?) Peanut


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