Does Comfort Food Comfort You?

It’s summer. Today, the temperature hovered around 95°F/35°C from 11am to 5pm. I only did 1-hr of gardening which involved coppicing another Papaya tree, because after that chopping and dropping (mulching), I was covered in perspiration and actually felt like I was dying of thirst.

Then at 3.30pm I felt this strong calling again.  “Mee! It’s Mee!”
When I do hear/feel that calling I usually give in and indulge … yes, I had a bowl of spicy Cup Noodles  which costs US 34¢. It just gives me this feeling like I’m having a bowl of Curry Mee.
(With today’s weather, I did feel like I was having a “hot” lunch at Golden Shoe Carpark/Hawker Center ~ forehead & neck perspiring, body temperature rising ~ it was a comforting discomfort.)

My Comfort Food

My Comfort Food

Oh how I miss those simple, plain, old fashioned hawker soup noodles. 😦

I call this my Comfort Food (or Placebo Brain Comforter) because it does work. It actually does make me feel much happier and contented with life.  I eat this not because I’m hungry but merely to calm a bout of acute homesickness.

Yes, I may be out of Singapore, but Singapore will never be out of me.


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