Earthen Pot Curry Powder – Product of Singapore

Earthen Pot Curry Powder & I have something in common
~ we’re both Products of Singapore  😀

Earthen Pot (excellent) Curry Powder

Earthen Pot (excellent) Curry Powder

With loads of “Curry-Leaf” available and backyard produce ready for harvest & use, last night I decided to make Chicken Curry (but the chicken was not from the backyard!)

I even had red chillies (which are called peppers in the US), the “soy-sauce dip” variety that does not wreck one’s mouth.

Dinner material

Dinner material

Nothing like good old home cooked Singapore Curry with steaming white rice for dinner ~ it’s always yummy.  (even in summer!)

Dinner ~ Singapore Style

Dinner ~ Singapore Chicken Curry

Uh-oh…  I realize that my supply of Earthen Pot Curry Powder is getting down to crucially low levels. Time to re-stock.

** Good excuse to start checking airfares!



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