Growing Curry Leaf Plants

This year’s Florida summer heat and rain must be ideal for the Curry Leaf Plants to grow its leaves & branches, but without any flowers (yet). Micro climate in my garden? Maybe.  Curry Leaf Bush & her companionsCurry Leaf Bush & her companions ~ Comfrey & Jicama ~ an experiment that has so far turned out very well.

I also have a lanky tree-like plant (I call her Ms Lanky) growing next to the guest room wall. The micro climate idea (which I got while staying in a little hotel in Tampa, run by an Indian family whose Curry Leaf Plant grew like a monster next to a concrete wall)  seems to be working well over the last 3 winters.

Ms Lanky

Ms Lanky

Yes, the concrete wall with the afternoon sun stays warm after sunset which helps keep Ms Lanky to stay productive and green while The Bush loses some leaves and  hibernates under a frost cover. That’s my year-round system for Curry Leaf supply & my southern-wall shade ‘tree’/heat insulator.

I also realize that when well fed & happy, they also produce babies via their roots, not necessarily from seeds… & here are  ‘Baby Rooties 1 and 2’ .

Baby Rooty 1

Baby Rooty 1

Baby Rooty 2



Mother Nature works wonders, so I just have to see where she allows me to grow what I like & follow her lead.

Oh, and Curry Leaf Plants loooove coffee grounds.


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