Growing Pandan with Taro ~ unusual companions

Who would have thought things would have worked out fine and they would get along with each other? Well, they did & still do enjoy each others’ company.

Elephant Ears, mostly grown in Florida as ornamental plants are edibles to us Asians ~ the Chinese call it Wu-Tau ( 芋頭) and the Indians call it Eddoe. Both roots & leaves are edible only when fully cooked!

Tropical companions in my garden.

Tropical companions in my garden.

Yam Dumpling

Yam Dumpling

I love using the root to make Wu Kok or Yam Dumplings.


The long sword leaves (in the pic) are what many Asians in America seek to plant for use in the kitchen ~ Pandanus Amaryllifolius ~ that is a fragrant prized plant which we simply call Pandan. I use it in savory and sweet dishes, drinks, in the car and bathrooms as air-freshener & cockroach repellent. This Pandan did get a bit sunburned on the south corner this summer but the others are doing fine.

This is my 1st experiment with tropical companions in a pot and it has given me courage to try more to achieve a real Food Forest with Asian greens I like.


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