What can squirrels do to grapes?

They can wreak havoc!!  Cute as they are, they can be merciless when they find easy food. Instead of finishing “grape by grape” they just literally pluck, nibble, spit & discard.

Squirrels' Mess!

Squirrels’ Mess!

Yeah, they found our ripening Muscadine Grapes and ‘Attack of the Squirrel Squad’ has begun. I’m not sure how others handle this. I don’t mind sharing some with Mother Nature’s creatures but this is crazy! They’ve destroyed almost half of the fruits on the vine.

No choice. I’ve decided to put an old netting over the arbor – anything out of the netting the squirrels can have, those below I hope will be left to ripen for me, the grower.

My Grapevine Protection Suit.

My Grapevine Protection Suit.

Will these squirrels be like Aesop’s hungry fox? … who couldn’t reach his targeted grapes and decided they were sour grapes & not worth his effort? Yes, I hope Mother Nature will allow me to have some nice, sweet, ripe Muscadine Grapes to munch on with my breakfast cereal.

Semi-ripe grapes left under my Muscadine Net.

Semi-ripe grapes left under my Muscadine Net.

Did you know that Muscadine Grapes were the 1st grape species to be cultivated in North America by the Natives over 400 years ago?  Read THIS WRITE-UP  as it is 1 of the best, easy-to-understand .pdf page.  This was 1 of the sites that got me interested in Muscadine Grapes, a grape species I had never heard of, till coming to America.

Unfortunately it does not mention “How to Keep Squirrels from Destroying your Grapes”.  I wonder how the Native Americans managed to keep some for themselves to eat.


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