Moringa Oleifera ~ The Miracle Plant

I have 3 Moringa Oleifera mini-trees growing around the house and the more I learn about them, the more I feel like sowing more seeds. If I can’t eat all of them, hey! I’ll share them with my soil microbes because they make good green manure too.

Moringa Oleifera mini-tree in the backyard

Moringa Oleifera mini-tree in the backyard

In Singapore, I used to eat some leaves in curries but the pods, called Drumsticks, are more commonly used. You kinda split the 2″ pieces of pod shells and finger-dig the gel and small “beans” within that’s laced with curry sauce… ooh… they’re good.

It was only 2 years ago when I watched a short video of a young man in Orlando, FL who converted his garden into a food-forest that reminded me of this plant and as I learned more about its nutrients, growth patterns, etc., that got me keen to have this plant as a food supplement ~ in my own backyard!

The Moringa leaves' size and shape

The Moringa leaves’ size and shape

I’ve cut some to put in salads, omelettes, curries… but I sometimes just chew a few to get that green chlorophyll taste which is quite nice.

Good, green, garden snack

Good green garden snack

I’m not a Nutritionist so if you need more information watch:



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