I squashed my last Squash

Ah yes… the last Butternut Squash of the season, sadly hanging from the trellis.

Lonesome Squash

From the garden … to the kitchen … Butternut Squash
Squash stew-a-simmering
… to the tableSquash Stew
I decided to make Squash Masala Stew.  3/4 got cut into bite-sized cubes but a 1/4 chunk got scooped out of the pot when softened and mashed with a potato masher & put back in. I sauteed diced onions with Garam Masala in olive oil until fragrant & added to the pot together with carrots, broccolli, peas, mushrooms and coconut cream. Simmered for 20 mins and laced it with white-wine. A bit of fried shallots as garnish and flavoring… & it all went down with fresh baguette.


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