Bamboo 2-in-1

To date I have not seen this chair/seat in Chinatowns of New York City, San Francisco or Orlando, not in London, nor Amsterdam either. When back in Singapore, I found out via friends that there is only 1 shop where these are still sold and are now 100 times what they used to cost “in the old days” when almost every household had at least 1.

Made from very thick bamboo, usually the Bambusa Oldhamii, then commonly found in Taiwan & China, these chairs were the old multi-use chairs. The smooth seat, which is made from slivers and are actually flexible, are tucked into thicker whole pieces. When an adult sits on it (grandmas loved them), it acts like a cushioned seat, so no sore behind.

The Smooth Top

The Smooth Top

Turn it to its side and it becomes a Toddler’s seat with a meal-table & leg support. Here you can see the diameter of each big bamboo culm & its thickness.

The Toddler's Seat

The Toddler’s Seat

I do not have a toddler-model but I think Froggy gives an idea. See the foot-support/panel? So toddler’s feet are safe from the ground. There are no nails used, put together by holes & inserts, just like nail-less carpentry.

Toddler's chair with 'Dining Table'.

Toddler’s chair with ‘Dining Table’.

It came with me to the US and is still being used by yours truly, while sewing on Mum’s old Singer sew machine, which was a wedding gift to her, from Oma (grandma).

My Sewing Chair

My Sewing Chair

and yes… I’m growing Bambusa Oldhamii in my garden.  🙂



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