End of Summer? Even my Curry Leaf plants are suffering…

September 1st indicates the end of Summer, it is also Labor Day in the US.

The summer this year has been an extra hot one, even for someone like me who has lived for decades in the Tropics (actually just 85 miles north of the Equator). I now live 3 miles inland from the Indian River, which is part of the Atlantic Coastal Waterway, so the sea & land effect should be similar to Singapore, then why am I feeling so “deep fried”, you know, like crispy chicken?
(Singaporeans ~ that’s like from Change Alley to Geylang River via Nicoll Highway, not very far, right?)

Even my Curry Leaf plants (Murraya Koenigii) are getting sunburned!


Yes, sunburned!!

Healthy babies popping up ...

Healthy babies popping up …

They are healthy, reproducing via their roots, but this is the 1st time I’m seeing sun browning 😦

I guess Global Warming plays a part of it all.


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