Pandan Propagation ~ without soil

Pandan plant with young roots

Pandan plant with young roots

Specially for S.E. Asians who use Pandan leaves in their kitchen & want to grow more on their balconies &/or in small gardens.

I think I may have found a new way to propagate the ever popular, tropical, fragrant Pandanus Amaryllifolius.

Like my usual Pandan separation style, I cut off healthy young ones from a parent plant with at least 2 aerial roots and placed them in a container of water with enough room for the plants to stand upright with roots only partially submerged, then added a very little bit of rooting hormone. I changed the water every 3 days to ensure that no mosquitoes were breeding.

After 2 weeks, instead of planting them in potting soil, I placed them in unchlorinated water with that tiny bit of rooting hormone and added a pinch of Epson Salt

Young, clean Pandan roots

Young, clean Pandan roots

I’ve found that the plants  were not just surviving, but were sprouting new roots faster than they would in soil & the leaves were very healthy green.

This was just a 4-week backyard experiment but would this help if this method is used to propagate, resulting in clean rooted Pandan plants which can be sent by mail to friends &/or customers? Try it.



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