Bean sprouts with Rigatoni & Pak Choy

All noodles are pasta, but not all pastas are noodles.

Pasta is a Latin word which means Paste or Dough & thus ending up being an Italian form of “dough made of different grains into different shapes” cooked into an edible state & topped with sauce & whatever else.

In Mandarin, the word Dough is 面 团 (Mien Tuan) resulting in noodle dishes with names like Chow Mein & Lo Mein in the US … Mein being a distortion of Mien from dialect to dialect to English.

Being an Anglicized Asian ~ a Nonya whose parents were British English educated ~ but who is a die-hard Asian in customs and food cravings, I usually add bean sprouts to my pasta dishes i.e. both ‘Italian’ pasta & all Asian noodles, beehoon, kwayteow, udon, meepok, u-name-it… and ex-colleagues (co-workers) who got to taste some actually thought it was good & a good way to eat protein.

Rigatoni el dente

Rigatoni el dente

Just add the bean sprouts 1 minute before Rigatoni is done to your choice. Then drain in a colander, toss it back into the pan & stir mix all with pesto. Then pour your sauce over (as usual) & sprinkle with fresh chopped sweet basil and cheese.

Normal looking Rigatoni dish, right?

Normal looking Rigatoni dish, right?

Last night I made dinner using home grown tomatoes (preserved in freezer) and diced Pak-choy (白菜 meaning White Vegetable) or Bok Choy sauteed in olive oil with lots of diced garlic, laced with red wine.

In case you are interested in knowing how Chinese noodles were hand-made in the past watch this clip which was filmed in Singapore.

The chef mentioned that the water, humidity level & temperature is different compared to Lanchou, where he is from, so he does have to adjust to the feel of the dough in hand.

Watching this always makes me hungry!

On a more professional level, watch this clip.  The 1st end product is a spaghetti equivalent & the 2nd one is like Fettucine.


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