Saving my Bananas; Outsmarting the Squirrels

Destructive Squirrels

Destructive Squirrel destroyed whole bunches where red-arrowed.

Squirrels may look cute but they can be destructive!  They do not just eat 1 fruit then move on to the next. They just take 1 bite then pluck & chuck. This I’ve seen personally but only managed to get 1 shot of them after ripping off loads of green bananas & then jumping off to the next bunch to begin more destruction.

Yet I can’t bring myself to kill them  😦

My next step is to outsmart them & hope to keep my bananas in full bunches instead of 2/3rd destroyed.

Raja Bananas in formation

Raja Bananas in formation

I’m about to take a 1 month vacation and have a young bunch of Raja bananas now in formation.  I’ve been staring at them hoping for a solution to come to mind. Yesterday, it just came to me “bang!” (like Eureka!).  I need something porous but opaque, strong & water resistant, so that those mini-monsters can’t see the Rajas ~ hmm … perhaps a seed bag can be used as a cover (recycling ♻) since I’m not physically around to scare them.

Seed Bag is now Banana Bag

Seed Bag is now Banana Bag

Size is right.
Stitching is easy, using jute strings & only tie-strings are needed to be  put in for easy untying & retying if needed.

Banana Bag in place with 3 Tie-Strings

Banana Bag in place with 3 Tie-Strings

Banana Bag made viewing peephole

Banana Bag with viewing peephole

I made a”peephole” in case my neighbor (my garden guard) wants to check on it.  🙂

Banana Bag on Tree

Banana Bag on Tree

A bit strange looking but it’s in my backyard so what-the-heck! If this experiment works I will be the happy owner of many more full bunches of Raja Bananas to share with my neighbors.

That’s ♻



One response to “Saving my Bananas; Outsmarting the Squirrels

  1. Here in the UK some people have trouble with squirrels that visit gardens and eat the food that people put out for wild birds. All kinds of ingenious inventions have come onto the market to try and outwit the squirrels – but I love your idea of the recycled bag! I do hope it works! 🙂


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