Lemongrass ~ my subtle hedge

We’ve had ample rain & the Lemongrass is growing like crazy which is happy news. I have grown them in bunches along our property line making them a kind of subtle hedge. Did you know that wild rabbits and raccoons dislike them? Yes, each grass edge is like broken glass edge. They cut ~ so use gloves ~ beware, when harvesting.

Lemongrass galore

Lemongrass galore

I will have to leave them in Mother Nature’s hands now, to let it grow amply so that there will be a good amount to harvest & freeze, as come winter they just dry up and hibernate.

But today, I’ve cut some off to use in an Asian dish ~ Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken in Red Sauce)


Lemongrass & the rhizome ~ galangal

Lemongrass & the rhizome ~ galangal

Needed for lunch dish ~ all from the backyard.

Needed for the dish ~ all from the backyard.







Lemongrass hedge-to-be


I’ve also dug some up & re-planted them in spots further away from the backyard boundary… on a spare plot of land which 1 day I hope to call mine.



One response to “Lemongrass ~ my subtle hedge

  1. I’m ordering my seed/plant catalogs for next spring this weekend. SO excited about this. Lemongrass on the list of things I want to try here. Most likely containers.


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