A yet untouched fishing village in Penang

My long time friend has set up a cafe in Penang and her neighbour happens to own a house & a couple of fishing boats in a relatively untouched area of the island. To me, this village visit & boat ride brought me back to my childhood when Singapore was not yet an urbanized, buzzing financial center but an island with attap houses, vegetable farms and fishing villages.

I got to feed the geese in the backyard.

I got to feed the geese in the backyard.

With possible geese pets in my backyard, I got some advice on what they like to eat & what is good for them… Cabbage!

Believe it or not, recycling is common practice here, not because it’s being promoted but it’s always been done.

Latex/rubber sheet rollers with canoe on top

Latex/rubber sheet rollers with canoe on top

Notice the old iron rollers beneath the wooden canoe. These rollers were once used in cottage industry processing of rubber sheets made from latex of rubber trees. (Rubber was once a primary national product of Malaysia.)

We got onto an actual fishing boat & got a tour around the village.


Morning Catch sold. Fishermen resting. All is calm.


The river that leads to the sea was at semi-low tide then.


Closer to the river mouth, very slight wave effect can be felt.

That's the happy boatman, the owner's "water assistant'.

That’s the happy boatman, the owner’s “water assistant”.


The nets have been repaired, cleaned & placed in position for tomorrow’s fishing trip.

Chinese Clash Cymbals were recycled as reflective lampshades

I made an impromptu video which I hope will give a better idea of the boat ride.


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