Pulled Noodles or La-Mien (拉麵)

I’m sure this can be found in the US, but alas, I have yet to see it even in the most Chinese of Chinatowns – be it New York City or San Francisco.

Today I felt the pull for Pulled-Noodles or La-Mien and (no kidding) that’s how it got its name and I got this for lunch in Singapore, which is 4 hrs flying time to the closest point in mainland China (so I’m not in China).

From the dough table, to the pot, to the bowl & ready to eat in 2 mins … how much fresher can you get noodles served?  Oh & you can specify how thick you would like your noodles to be – similar to Fettuccine or Spaghetti or Capellini or … ?

I love ’em!!


One response to “Pulled Noodles or La-Mien (拉麵)

  1. This makes me think of something my Mom used to make – pot pie (I think that was the name of it. It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch dish.) and a stretchy bread that a woman talked about on NPR. I’ll bet your dish tasted wonderful. 😉


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