Singapore ~ An Aspect Rarely Mentioned in Travel Guidebooks

While I was back in Singapore, the land of my birth, to visit friends and pay respect to my late parents’ ashes, an article in the local newspapers caught my attention. Yes, Singapore has been named by Lonely Planet as the No. 1 country for travel in 2015.  (Click HERE to watch very short touristy video, just in case you’re curious about Singapore.)

At this point in time, I can’t comment on the Lonely Planet’s Guidebook or its content, as I have not read it, but there is 1 aspect I would like to point out that may be of interest to potential visitors, which is rarely mentioned and even unknown to many Singaporeans.

Singapore is & has been known as a Garden City for many years, but not many people notice that when you leave or head towards Changi Airport via the East Coast Parkway (ECP), which was built in 1981, the road median serves a dual purpose.  Take a look at the median in this short video.

Notice there are no big trees on the median ~ only colourful shrubs.

Shrubs along the ECP

Shrubs along the ECP

Now take a  close look at the stationery photo. Notice the black nursery pots holding the plants behind the plant-boxes which have been arranged to look like a long median.

Everything that makes up that median can be removed in an emergency.  That stretch of the Expressway can be used as an Emergency Landing Runway should the need arise, but thankfully that need has never surfaced. It’s only been very recently decommissioned, after more than 30 years of “service”,  as there are now 2 runways with a 3rd one forthcoming. I hope it is left as is for many more years to come, as it has become such a familiar welcoming landmark to me & other overseas Singaporeans returning to visit.


One response to “Singapore ~ An Aspect Rarely Mentioned in Travel Guidebooks

  1. What a lovely, welcoming sight. 😉


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