Cee’s Which Way Challenge #19




Time for some fun with Cee’s Which Way Challenge again.


Any which way but …



If you walk/jump over the patch of plants in the picture, you would slam into a concrete wall.  This is wall art.  There is no walkway there, there is no way to anywhere… but it tricks the mind.


There’s no entry way here to get to marine life either, it’s just a painting, a 3-dimensional optical illusion.  It sure made this back-alley wall very intriguing (neighbour’s needs some touch up) and that alley leads to many residences’ back doors.

back alley marine

back alley marine aquarium

This alleyway leads to a house’s back door, which to protect that entry/exit way has  a shrine cum altar, which houses the spiritual guardian.

backdoor shrine

A Backdoor with a Shrine

To honor the spirits (perhaps of ancestors) many believers of spiritual afterlife, in the Orient, burn Joss Paper or “gold paper” (金紙) as a way to send wealth to the other “world”.  Well, I guess with modernization, even spiritual beings in their “world” have gone global and need some US Dollars to avoid FX losses when buying online.  So …

Joss USD - fresh & still uncut

Joss USD – fresh & still uncut

OK, back my kind of walkway ~ the cool breeze, the taste of salt in the air, the smell of green grass …

Walkway to the Beach and the Poolside Bar

Walkway to the Beach and the Poolside Bar


7 responses to “Cee’s Which Way Challenge #19

  1. You have some wonderful which way photos here. Thanks for playing.


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  3. Congratulations! I have selected your post to be featured on Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.
    I hope you are having a fantastic week.


  4. The first picture is great! Perfect illusion!


    • I actually walked to the painting & touched it, to feel the wall. I guess, as a child, having watched The Time Tunnel, the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, etc on TV, that little niggling “anything is possible” feeling sometimes surfaces. 😀


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