Jicama (Bangkuang/地瓜) 8 months after Sowing

It was nice weather today, cool but not chilly, bright but not sunny.  A superb time to prepare the soil and check long-term crops like Pineapples, Bananas &  Jicama.  It’s been 8 months since sowing Jicama seeds and today’s check shows that it is growing well.

8-month old Jicama

8-month old Jicama

In 2 – 3 months, these will be nice and big ~ I call them “market size” ~ and can be dug up for salads, popiah (egg roll), curries, whatever tickles the fancy then.

Fall’s food-growing is now going to get into full swing to prepare for Winter and my long term plan of a mini-Permaculture Food Forest in my backyard.


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