Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge ~ Glass

More fun on Cee’s Black & White Challenge
this week  & the theme is Glass.
As I walked around the streets of urban Singapore, I was struck by the speed of modernization. Yes, everywhere I went, I saw vertical glass pieces …

cyber cafe

cyber cafe

So close and yet so far ~ Me & Them ~ Them amongst Themselves. Each in their own “space”, communicating globally, unaware of the live-being on the next seat.

Glass Building (of sort)

Glass Building (of sort)

People who live (and work) in Glass ‘Houses’ shouldn’t Throw Stones … so I guess it’s a form of Reflection of their Expressions of Life… no comment here.

Traditional Twist

Tradition Twist

Right in a very busy mall ~ Tradition Twist, to me, is excellent satire.

Nice cold beer

Nice cold beer

At the end of a hard Walking Day, life ain’t so bad with a nice cold beer …


One response to “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge ~ Glass

  1. You have found some great glass for this week’s challenge. Thanks.


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