I call them Bed-Bags

They happen to be Bags of Composted Manure which I buy to make vegetable beds. No raised bed frames to build (for now), no earth to till … just a beginner’s lazy (wo)man’s way to plant more vegetables & trees, yes, trees!

It all began with an experiment 9 months ago when I placed some bags of manure which I bought on some spare space in the backyard. As I brought bag-by-bag around on my radio flyer wagon, ideas began to form, so ….

I cut 4 bags up, like in the photo below

cut bag

cut bag

inserted a 2-ply cardboard into the cut area

inserted a 2-ply cardboard into the cut area

inverted the bags so that cardboard would face the ground, then

cut the outer side out

then cut the top side out

In the exposed soil, I planted some comfrey & some sweet potato slips, moringa oleifera and okra seeds, a papaya seedling, 2 young 14″ potted mango seedlings. I then mulched them with pine needles and dried palm fronds.

9 months later …

the plants actually happily grew happily

the plants actually grew happily …

The manure plastic bag can still be seen (I plan to remove them when plants are established & soil has stabilized with roots & tubers)  but the plants have actually form a mini-forest patch.

mixed patch of edibles

mixed patch of edibles

Mango seedlings, comfrey & eggplant

Mango plants, comfrey & eggplant

3 additional bags to grow cool season vegetables

Seeing their growth rate and pattern, I have decided to add a few more bags to grow some collard greens & swiss chard.

I think the bags have, in their own way, acted like temporary (mini) raised beds, keeping the soil in place and helping to retain water.

The next step might be to a create a little swale filled with gravel



2 responses to “I call them Bed-Bags

  1. comfrey roots get 40 deep.
    will outgrow a bag in a few days

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for comment. Yes, they have. They penetrated the softened cardboard base and are now settled, acting as lovely groundcover & enriching the soil. I just love comfrey 🙂


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