Bees are Geometry Experts

8 days ago when we peeked into our Rain Barrel Cabinet to check on our Bee population, we saw a portion of Bees’ Comb had already fallen off from their adopted habitat but did not touch it. Perhaps it got a little heavy with honey & babies… (just guessing) but it did look already vacated. We decided to leave it alone for a little longer.

Today we checked again ~ we found it was dry and only 5 babies had met their demise in their ‘comb-crib’. We gently salvaged it as this will be used to lure the Bee population & their Queen (or new Queen) to their new Bee-Box presently being built, in our garage.

Symmetrically hexagonal ~ almost looks pre-measured.

Symmetrical hexagons ~ almost looks pre-measured!

I’m beginning to love Mother Nature more and more …


2 responses to “Bees are Geometry Experts

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    Inside the hive


  2. So fascinating to see. 🙂


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