Blogging 101 – Introduction

Who am I?
I am Pekebun, a gardener, who wants to grow what I used to get (conveniently) from neighborhood markets, but not where I now live.  While learning to garden I discovered that I actually do love digging soil and talking to my plants and earthworms.  I’m Singapore-born, my husband is Australian-born & we now live in the US so I think Walt Disney was right when he promoted “It’s a Small Small World”.  🙂

Why am I here?
I began by simply keeping a journal of my backyard progress but I guess I got intrigued by tapping on the keyboard and reading what others write about, information they share… so here I am, hoping I can learn to do some real proper blogging but still keep my edible gardening diary-of-sort.


What's your Opinion?

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