Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

This is 1 assignment I am not able to perform because in so doing I would be going astray from Me, My and Mine.

Me ~ I’m from Singapore and the term Temasek (which means Sea Town in old Javanese) was its name until 1299 when it was renamed by an exploring Indian prince to Singapura (Lion City).  I’m part of Temasek & Temasek is part of Me.

My ~ My plot of land is growing vegetables which I’m accustomed to having as part of My diet.  My style of cooking is fusion, using whatever is in season, coming out from My soil, with contribution from My little earthworms.

Mine ~ Temasek Garden is mine. It just feels so right, that’s why I bought that domain… and the tagline? well, that explains what this whole blog was initially and still is intended for, so I simply can’t change it.  I was once an Urbanite working in the financial district & am now a die-hard Organic Edible Gardener working to being a Permaculture nut.  *sigh* C’est la vie….


What's your Opinion?

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