Crunchy Curry Leaf Peanuts

In trimming/pruning my Curry Leaf plants (Murraya Koenigii), I ended up with loads of leaves which I cleaned and dry-stirred in a wok… since I did not have a dehydrator. I also ended up making a  snack (which I’m sure others have already been making) which is simple and really yummy.

Harvested curry leaves

A loose handful of harvested, cleaned & dried curry leaves


curry powder

2 tablespoons of your favorite curry powder

gently stir fry on low heat in a wok or deep frying pan until fragrant, then add 1 tablespoon of olive oil slowly from around the side of the pan & continue stirring until very light golden brown.  Then add

1 package of salted peanuts

1 standard bottle of salted peanuts

and still with slow heat thoroughly mix everything in the pan until nuts and leaves are evenly coated with curry powder. Keep “stir-frying” for 6-7 mins then test a nut by biting. It should be very warm with a slight hint of soft texture and look like this …

Curried Crunchy Peanuts

Crunchy Curry Leaf Peanuts

Allow it to get to room temperature so it can re-attain its crunchiness.

Note: IF you are sensitive to salt &/or have to cut down/out, then used unsalted peanuts.



One response to “Crunchy Curry Leaf Peanuts

  1. My goodness. That looks yummy!


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