Today’s Blogging 101Task: Be a Good Neigbor

“Knock, knock…!”
Oops, I have already gone knocking on neighbors’ doors and commenting
See my blogovillage knock-knock Report  er … did I do something I wasn’t supposed to do at that point in time?  😕

I knocked on a couple more neighbors’ doors and encountered some sad personal stories which I feel should not be mentioned, nor have links to their blogs shown here.  I did comment though. But, neighbors, if you would like a gal-to-gal chat, blog me a line.
All other neighbors … c’mon in … take a seat
and we can comment and cross comment  😀




4 responses to “Today’s Blogging 101Task: Be a Good Neigbor

  1. Just keep cheering everyone up.

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  2. Your love with nature is very apparent. That’s one topic everyone on the planet whould be aware and caring about..!!


    • Thank you very much. After experiencing 3 horrible hurricanes I’ve learned to appreciate nature & watch the cycle of life & the beauty of natural things around me ~ even weeds! 🙂


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