Blogging 101: Spruce Up Your Sidebar

It was tough but I decided to bite the bullet & redo Temasek Garden‘s left sidebar.  Yeah, Michelle W (in answer to my Q) said  that “category widget automatically displays in alphabetical order; you can’t re-order them or add images”, painful though it was, I redid my Menu and Categories, ticking the “Show Hierarchy” box and renaming some to get them in the order that I want.
That word widget sure makes me fidget.  😯

In case anyone spots a link or category that doesn’t work, please let me know. Thanks.



6 responses to “Blogging 101: Spruce Up Your Sidebar

  1. Wow, so much to explore! I have to go dive in.

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  2. P.S. Where do you live that you have dragonflies in January??? We have ice storms, leafless trees and dry grass this time of year! I’m eagerly planning and impatiently waiting to begin this year’s garden in another month.


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