Today’s Blogging 101 Task: Build a Better Blogroll

My Blogrolls are links to blogs I refer to often, which I hope will give readers a better idea of my interests & provide reference material for my blog (literally websites of my virtual mentors).  I’ve had to “hide” quite a few.  Why?

I paid a price when I tidied my “Categories” column on the left last week because I later found out I could not change nor erase the ‘bullets’ for my Blogroll on the right. Those same ‘bullets’ are used all over this blog theme. If I were to keep all my Blogroll links, readers would see the same dots on the left and right as if suffering from optical problems.   😯

I don’t expect a wide range of ‘bullets’ as in MSWord but 2 or 3 for variety isn’t expecting too much, is it? So, I’m going to call  this ‘bullet’ problem a theme flaw.

As for Link Love… alas, some links love me, others love me not.
Ye can’t win ’em all.

This is a short post so you’ll have to go down, down, down further down to see my Blogroll.


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