Pak Choy (白菜) can be Ever Present

IF you are a Pak Choy grower or a grower-to-be, you can get a constant supply IF you grow it naturally and not as a full plant harvester (i.e. pulling the entire plant out of the soil).  Yes you will get Pak Choy Babies sprouting from the mama plant IF you only cut the outer leaves and allow the mama to Bolt & Flower.

Then you will go from This: pakchoy1

to This (which brings you pollinators): pakchoy2

to This: pakchoy3

to This:


To see things in the Seed, that is Genius ~ Lao Tzu (老子)

Depending on your grow-zone, it can be biennial or perennial but 1 thing is for sure, you trust Mother Nature and grow it her way and you’ll never have to buy Pak Choy seeds again… only once!

BUT … you can start it without seeds too.  (More of that in another post.)


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