Today’s Blogging 101 Task: Extend Your Brand

My blog's new Icon

My blog’s new Icon

I’m not sure if I have a Brand (yet) but since I’ve become an Accidental Beekeeper, I’m changing my icon to a Bee. Yes, that model bee is 1 of my bees in the hive.

And then, there is all that information to digest on Avatar & Bravatar so OK, I’ll try some changes because I can always switch back to what I had if I don’t like it, right?

I’m about to jump from the pot into the fire to find out what’s in store in those flames. 😯





7 responses to “Today’s Blogging 101 Task: Extend Your Brand

  1. Your brand is your blog name…Temasek Garden. I just found out yesterday that my brand is my blog. Your blog is really looking good, nice job.

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  2. uh duh, forgot to include my blog is called Sometimes.


  3. Great icon! Also can I ask your advice? When you created your Blogging 101 page, how did you move your previous Blogging 101 posts over to that page? I’ve searched help and can’t figure it out. 🙂 Thanks!


    • Hi, Thanks for compliments on my icon. I 1st created the 101 page & added it to the Category in my Menu. Keep that page open. Open another window and visit your blog’s admin deskboard to prepare a post. Cut & paste from page to post. You can also copy the page’s direct address & use that as a Link on your post to ease readers’ navigation to your page. Tap me a msg if you need more info. 🙂


  4. Wow! Your blog has a ton going on. Makes mine look too plain!


    • lilypup, I don’t think your blog is plain at all. Your subject matter is different from mine & your use of language to describe has depth and feelings to it. My blog is like a playground of plants and insects & as you’d probably have read, I only just found out my blog is my brand!! Shows you what a newbie has to go thru & learn along the way 😀 I personally would not be able to describe in words, emotions, like you’re doing. You’ll do fine. 🙂


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