One Word Photo Challenge is the color – Strawberry

I have made this challenge my call to walk around the garden with camera in hand.  🙂   OK, here goes …

Cranberry Hibiscus

Cranberry Hibiscus



not sure what

not sure what

Apple buds and blooms

Apple buds and blooms

We took out our last jar of Surinam Cherry jam for guests to taste and that reminded me of this photo which I took of our harvest last Fall.

Surinam cherries

Surinam Cherries

I’m attaching a link to Surinam Cherries*, in case anyone is interested.


4 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge is the color – Strawberry

  1. I have never heard of Surinam Cherries. What do they taste like?

    And your garden must be so gorgeous! I still can’t get over how many examples you’re able to find of the color just in flowers. And they are so lovely.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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    • Thank you Jennifer. I’m trying to grow a permaculture food forest but it still has a long way more to go. Putting in a small update in post about Surinam Cherry for info.


      • Thanks for the link. They sound very interesting, so now I have to try them. Funny that I live in Florida and they’re known as Florida Cherries and yet I’ve never heard of ’em until now 😛 Now the hunt for where to get some…
        So looking forward to seeing the journey of your permaculture food forest!

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