Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Construction

It is not often in life that one gets to build a house to one’s specs. We did, so we took 6 months planning it and even built a cardboard model to scale. Oh yes, being Asian, Feng Shui  ( 風水) literally meaning “Wind-Water” or Geomancy was incorporated too, based on our birth dates to draw the best Qi (氣).  😀

So … there they were, pumping concrete for our slab after tons of fill-dirt had been brought in for elevation.Photo0145

then came the concrete pieces

the pieces went up and there I was ~ opening the imaginary backdoor


sloooowly, brick by brick, wall by wall, it began to look more house-like


after 9 months, it finally took shape & there, below, are the entrances to our garage and to the left is our front door.


In case you are curious, you can view more here and here.


One response to “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Construction

  1. You sure have some wonderful construction photos. Thanks for playing.


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