Feed the Bees

Another cold front has been forecasted  ❗
Our poor bees need a double booster as there are not many nectar-rich flowers in bloom right now so …


the bee feeder went into action



Some of the initial honey we salvaged during the big move being returned.



Thankfully they’re still living there.

I can’t wait for spring to come.  34 more days to go …



6 responses to “Feed the Bees

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  2. Many many years ago I had a hive of bees. It was one of the best experiences I have had. Just before dawn someone got off the main road and ended up down my lane, realized their mistake, turned around and backed into my hive. Hearing the commotion, I got up and went out in my PJ’s. The trays were scattered on the ground, the bees frightened and disoriented, and the red taillights of the car hastily leaving. My young daughter arrived on the scene. Without a thought, I handed her the flashlight and began re-stacking the hive, bees, broken bits of comb, and honey covering us. Not one sting! I know the bees knew we were trying to help.


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