Vin’s Bokashi experiment in Florida. Perfectly. Simple.

Hi Jenny,
Found your WP blog by chance & posting it onto my blog as a fun reminder. Thanks again.  😀

Bokashi world

Got a great mail the other day from Vin in Florida, “a Florida backyard gardener who loves feeding her garden soil”.

She included a bunch of pictures showing the Bokashi experiment she’s been running the last few months. (Can’t help but envy all that green while we’ve just been looking out at nothing but white for months!)

The really fun thing with this experiment (apart from the healthy worms and plants of course) is the simplicity of it all. Why make it complicated when you can make it easy? Way to go, Vin!!

My Bokashi Experiment began in Oct 2012.

Pics here taken Nov 8/12:



This bucket is buried in a bed created by a concrete retaining wall.& I combine kitchen waste & garden leaf clippings in layers. Each time I put in kitchen waste (including paper napkins) I sprinkle bokashi bran. I call this my Garden Bucket. I…

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