One Word Photo Challenge: Saffron

More fun with today’s garden inspection for items that are (to me) Saffron.
I’ve gotten more systematic now, so I started right in front.  🙂

Right by my driveway ... and it's for real.

Right by my driveway … and it’s for real.

(It’s not a novelty signboard, It’s For Real** & I’m hoping the county will also put up more official ones.)

Nasturtiums in bloom.

Nasturtiums in bloom

"Yellow" cherry tomatoes

“Yellow” cherry tomatoes


8 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Saffron

  1. These are beautiful. Your system seems to be working. I hope you’re still having fun. That tomato shot is just great!

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  2. Those yellow cherry tomatoes ❤


  3. How many gopher tortoises have you seen? That’s a novelty sign for me

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