Hair, There and Everywhere …

Real Human Hair ~ today’s donation from my hairdresser friend ~ is really useful in vegetable beds and gardens, I kid you not.

Hair from my hairdresser

Hair from my hairdresser

Real hair

Real hair

I sun dry them, snip them up to lengths that I can scatter without too much entanglement, and then just spread them all over. It becomes a barrier/repellent to those slimy slugs and snails and provides nitrogen to the plants.  (Some gardeners say it repels rodents but that I can’t vouch for.)

If you are into organic gardening, try it.  Hey, is this recycling or what?!


2 responses to “Hair, There and Everywhere …

  1. Waaay cool! I would have never thought that’s even possible otherwise.

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  2. Next time you cut your children’s hair or go to the hairdresser, you know there’s stuff to collect & use. 😀


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