Photo 101 ~ Day Three: Water

To me, Water is Formless but it is Life. It can Flow and it can Crash; it can make things Sink or Float depending on where and how the object is placed. I like kayaking (on water) & I also like scuba diving (in water) ~ 2 different water zones.

Theme mentioned  “Today’s Tip: Ever wonder whether a photograph will work better horizontally or vertically?”

Coincidentally I (a novice with an idiot-proof camera) have been toying with that question/concept for quite a while now. I took 2 photos standing on the same spot of a vessel which was floating but locked in, while on/in the Panama Canal.

Vertical shot while in the Panama Canal awaiting its chamber draining.

Vertical shot while in the Canal, awaiting its chamber to be filled.

Horizontal shot of the same event.

Horizontal shot from the same spot, you can count the water level markings on the lock gates in both photos.

Is it an optical illusion that the vessel is much closer to the chamber’s lock gate in the vertical shot? Does the horizontal shot create “open space” visually to give the brain a sense of space and distance?



3 responses to “Photo 101 ~ Day Three: Water

  1. Personally, I prefer the vertical shot, which – to me, at least – brings attention to the canal. The horizontal shot makes me feel slightly claustrophobic. 🙂

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    • Thanks for you comment. I’m now going to try looking at it your way. Not sure why but I’m still unsure what vertical & horizontal shots can project. 😦 *brain blockage*


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