Propagating Onions

My January experiment has shown positive results.  OK, it’s doable.
The sprouted onion piece given to me by my neighbor, which was used in the experiment, has convinced me that apart from my normal use of seeds from previous season, I should also keep part of bulbs (after cutting 90% for cooking) to replant.

Neighbor's sprouting onion

Neighbor’s sprouting onion given to me early Jan 2015

Today, I just feel it’s time to show the results:

New bulbs have grown

New bulbs have grown

4 whole new bullbs are growing

4 whole new bulbs are growing

The label says “Sweet Onions ~ Product of Peru”, so I will monitor & harvest when it reaches average size… then repeat the process of using most for cooking, but  allowing small pieces to partially sprout and then replant for more.




4 responses to “Propagating Onions

  1. YOur photos are amazing! Great to look at!!


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